Delighted with the results:

I was referred to Malcolm at the Massage And Injury Clinic some 16 years ago, and have been delighted with the results. I used to live with back pain much of the time. Malcolm is able to determine and treat muscular stress, tension and trauma with good results. I’ve received helpful advice on posture, physical motor mechanics and stretches to help maintain healthy muscles and good posture, which have made a difference. When I injured myself, like I did 4 years ago with an L3/4 bulging disk, Malcolm’s treatment was a vital ingredient to my recovery.

I needed more that just a spinal adjustment and an electrical impulse machine which reduces inflammation, though they were and are still a necessary and important part of my ongoing treatment, along with a good stretching programed, exercise; diet and adequate water intake, all combining to help create a healthier lifestyle, but only if I’m diligent enough to do the right thing daily, which sadly, I’m not, but I do try. I’m enjoying life a little more these days, because I’m not being worn down by constant back pain and muscle fatigue.

Though I do have my bad times, as I forget that I shouldn’t lift heavy things, especially when I’m fatigued. I know what it’s like to work with unbearable pain. I’m a laborer who works 12-hour days, both day and night shifts, and have done so for 30 years. Thankfully, the past 15 years have been easier than the 15 years before that.

If you’re suffering from back or muscle pain or your muscle and skeletal system is not performing the way you think it should? You need someone who is able to determine what is happening with your muscle groups and who is able to work on those muscles to bring relief and help restore vitality.

However, be aware, that to get the best results, especially if you are carrying an injury, you may need a more holistic approach which may not be limited to just deep tissue remedial therapy.

I’m grateful for the help and positive results achieved through the treatment provided by Malcolm at The Massage And Injury Management Clinic and highly recommend Malcolm as the best Deep Tissue Remedial Masseur I have ever uncounted, that’s why I stopped looking and have stuck with Malcolm these past 16 years.

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