Marla Stotland

Just wanted to give feedback on my treatments with Martine, I have now been a regular customer with Perth Massage for most of the year and Martine has been my therapist.

I originally was recommended Perth Massage through a friend based on great results she had with pain she had. I have had a great deal of pain on my hips and lower back for a long time and whilst I used to go to an Osteopath, I found that there was limited improvement and pain was recurring.

Since I switched to getting remedial massage with Martine she has worked through this pain and I rarely experience issues with these areas anymore. It has been hugely beneficial as I like to exercise and these painful areas previously prevented me from being able to do this.

Martine is a lovely person and very well qualified, she understands all the muscle areas thoroughly and knows exactly how to deal with all sorts of pain areas.

Marla Stotland
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