Sports Treatment Perth

Sports treatment can be defined by either:

1. general maintenance and prevention of injury for athletes at any level who actively train and compete.

2. Injury management, working with athletes with an injury to help them to recover from injuries and back onto the park! Both hands on with exercises and stretching to aid within a speedy recovery time.

Massage Warwick - Rugby, football, soccer, hockey, and Hamsting injuries

Hamstring Injuries

By Malcolm Calcutt / May 3, 2015 / 0 Comments

Hamstring injuries, why? If you are on the hamstring merry go round, you need to slow down and work out where it is coming from. Posture would say you tend to stand on one leg, subsequently you turn one of your glutes off pre-disposing one of your hamstrings to be hamstrung. One side the glute […]

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