Sports Massage

Sports massage is a rapidly evolving sub speciality within the field of professional massage therapy. Having its origins dating back to the Greek and Roman times. It combines both classical and specific techniques designed to provide therapeutic impact for the unique physical and biomechanical needs of athletes.Some athletes leave nothing to chance in their attempt to produce faster speeds, lower times, maximum effort and peak performances. They are incorporating the latest sports technology in their programmes. More of these athletes at the recreational, amateur and professional level have discovered the benefits of Sports Massage Therapy. Sports Massage IncludesPre Event: Complements the warm- up prior to athletic events by stimulating circulation, increasing flexibility, calms nervous tension and prepares the athlete for maximum output.

Sports massage, why?

By Malcolm Calcutt / July 12, 2017 / 0 Comments

Sports massage when delivered by experienced hands will give you an edge. Yes an edge over your fellow competitors, benefits include: less injuries, greater range of motion, more power available as well education about your body. Your body becomes your instrument within sport, the better the tune, the better the possible outcome. Do you need […]

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Tennis Elbow treatment - Massage Perth

Tennis Elbow

By Malcolm Calcutt / February 1, 2014 / 0 Comments

Also known as Lateral Epicondylitis, involves pain in racket sports when hitting the ball (or absorbing force) through the backhand stroke as the forearm extends. The tendons of the extensor muscles of the wrist and forearm absorb the stress and with repeated trauma may cause inflammation, pain and altered movement mechanics to avoid pain which […]

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