Three Big "Poor Postural Reasons"

Massage Perth - Poor Postural Reasons

Three big poor postural reasons are:

  • The TV
  • Games stations
  • The tablet/laptop.

With all of the above we delude ourselves that we are relaxing, taking well earned time out. We generally slouch and compromise our posture. It does not have to be this way as we can “Veg” out and maintain better posture.
Which one is your primary postural vice for relaxation?

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Malcolm Calcutt

In the last century, a mechanical fitter by trade. Now re-invented as a Soft Tissue Therapist that uses past skill sets to enable better understanding of your presentation. Loving the ability to have a difference in peoples lives through greater awareness and education. Quiet time is traveling, exploring our past around the world, Antiquities hold so much lost knowledge and understanding about being human.
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