Planter Fasciitis

It is an inflammatory condition that causes chronic heel pain.


  • The common symptom is pain on the underside of the heel which is persistent during the first few steps of getting out in the morning.
  • Sharp stabbing pain which affects both the front and the back of the heel bone.
  • Heel pain is worse during periods of inactivity (sleeping/resting) when getting up then subsides turning into a dull ache.


  • Abnormal pronation of the foot causing stretching of planter fascia resulting in inflammation, irritation and pain of the fascia attachment site on the heel bone
  • Contributing factors; age, weight gain, occupation (long periods of time standing/walking on hard surfaces), inactivity and poor foot wear (non supportive)
  • Heel spur caused by continues pulling of the fascia at the heel bone eventually causing a bony growth
  • Micro-tearing of the tissue causes pain as the planter fascia is constantly being tightened and shortened quickly


  • Acute treatment; ice placed onto the heel area, rest or reduced activity, NSAIDS ( cortisone-steroid injections)
  • Program of daily exercises
  • Orthotic soles
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