Adductor Strains

This occurs when there is tearing of some or all of the adductor muscle group. These muscles are responsible for stabilising the pelvis and moving the leg towards the midline of the body. These muscles are activated during running (changing direction) and kicking. This injury usually occurs in sports such as soccer, football, skiing, gymnastics, athletics (hurdlers, sprinters, and long jumpers).

Predisposing factors:

  • poor groin flexibility
  • muscle weakness (especially of the groin or gluteals)
  • inadequate conditioning of the groin muscles
  • muscle tightness
  • inappropriate training or technique
  • poor biomechanics
  • poor posture
  • decreased fitness
  • fatigue
  • inadequate warm up
  • joint stiffness (particularly the lower back, hip and knee)
  • poor pelvic and core stability
  • inadequate rehabilitation following a previous groin injury
  • neural tightness
  • muscle imbalances


  • Excessive tension placed onto the groin from repetition or high force
  • Sudden contraction of the groin muscles when they are in a position of stretch
  • Rapid acceleration when running changing direction
  • Long kick
  • Inadequate warm-up

Signs and symptoms:

  • Sudden sharp pain or pulling sensation in the inner thigh or groin during activity
  • Increase in pain during activity when there is stressed placed onto the adductor muscles
  • Stiffness after activities
  • Swelling, muscle spasms, weakness, tightness, tenderness and bruising in the inner thigh/ groin


Activities placing large amount of stress through the groin should be minimised/avoided as to prevent further tissue damage and for the heeling of tissues to commence.

  • Be aware that this injury can turn into osteopubis or tendinopathy
  • R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression, elevation) improves recovery time
  • Flexibility and strength training program should commence to avoid reoccurrence
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Stretching
  • Biomechanical corrections
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