Massage for Headaches

Many of our clients come to us and explain their reasons as to what causes their headaches. From coffee, food, sinuses to hunger and lack of sleep; the list is endless but are they the true causes?

Often people will find that their headache pain is directly related to the trigger points in the neck and head. The pain can then be relieved by releasing those trigger points with massage and soft tissue therapy.

Soft- tissues are the soft structures within the body and when they are traumatised, they can cause relative pain and an onset of health problems if not treated properly.

Postural Headaches - Massage Nedlands

Postural Headaches

By Malcolm Calcutt / December 14, 2013 / 0 Comments

Postural Headaches The next time you get a headache, check your posture. Poor posture causes muscle strain, changes in your breathing patterns and leads to a host of problems, including headaches. Without being conscious and taking positive steps to get your posture back in line chronic neck pain and headaches will occur. Neck-related headaches are […]

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